Guest and Families


The University of Florida takes pride in offering a wide variety of youth related activities and has taken several steps to continue and improve this tradition. The Office of Youth Compliance Services works with UF-affiliated youth activities to provide guidance on meeting applicable laws and university standards that seek to safeguard program participants. Listed below are some of the efforts that have implemented:

  • Staff Training – Program staff and volunteers complete an annual Youth Protection Training in advance of working with minors. This training delineates strategies for planning activities, standards for UF-affiliated youth activities, common warning signs of child abuse, and information on reporting known or suspected child abuse.
  • Staff Screening – Program staff and volunteers working directly with minors undergo background checks in accordance with Florida State Law and/or University of Florida’s standards for UF affiliated youth activities.
  • Supervision – Programs staff and volunteers receive guidance on best practices for supervising activities involving minors. Strategies include: establishing minimum staff-to-participant ratios, limiting one-on-one interaction.
  • Central Tracking – We also require that UF-Affiliated youth activities (as defined in the OYCS scope) register with the Office of Youth Compliance Services to centrally track activities and all parties involved.

Tips / best practices for minors participating in UF-Affiliated youth activities can be found here.