Supervision of Minors

UF-Affiliated youth activities must provide for the appropriate supervision of program participants.  These activities must be coordinated in a way that eliminates one-on-one interactions and ensures that adequate staff-to-participant ratios are in place at all times.

Staff-to-Participant Ratios

Below are minimum staff-to-participant ratios for UF-Affiliated youth activities. All aspects of the activity should also be taken into account, including the number and age of participants, the location of the activity, the risks associated with the activity, whether housing or travel is involved, and the age and experience of the responsible adults.









Additionally, UF-Affiliated youth activities are responsible for providing more than one authorized adult to help ensure appropriate levels of supervision during all interactions and communications with minors.

Programs should also establish procedures for the pick-up and drop-off of program participants. More information related to the supervision of minors, including standards for programs with overnight activities can be found in UF’s annual Youth Protection Training (YCS800). Program employees, volunteers, and other individuals working with minors must successfully complete this training prior to the start of program activities.